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Welcome to ABET EPA, the End-Point Assessment with the Assessment Board for Education and Training (ABET).  ABET EPA is dedicated to offer every learner, employer and training provider best possible end point assessment experience.Our end point assessment process is straightforward and devoid of unnecessary bottleneck, ensuring that apprentice receives appropriate supports to finish their apprenticeship.We have huge load of resources and information which can help apprentice, on their journey through apprenticeship and beyond. We provide apprentice with all the necessary information and resources to help guide you through your apprenticeship from standard factsheets which clarify and simplify the apprenticeship requirements, learner packs which contain guidance on key stages throughout their apprenticeship.ABET EPA is committed to the integrity of the apprenticeship delivery process. Working as an independent end-point assessment organisation, ABET  EPA offers a range of services specialising in the completion of end-point assessment in Care, Creative, Education, digital sectors and others.


ABET has a clear mission to provide top of the range end point assessment services which meet the needs of learners and employers.

our vision

ABET’s vision is to be a national leader in the provision of reputable and quality end point assessment services for learners.


We help employers to plan final stages of their learners’ apprenticeship programme. We offer planning meeting, guidance and adequate supports during the end point assessment. Once the Apprentice has completed the training of the skills, knowledge and behaviour as defined in the respective Standard and their Employer ‘signs them off for passing through the Gateway’, we will take it from there


We offer flexible and personalise EPA service, so training provider can rely on us.If you are a training provider thinking of working with ABET for your End-point Assessment, or if you would like clarification about the End-point Assessment process, then please email us at :


  • Cost effective and value for money EPA costs.
  • Top Quality-assured End Point Assessment services
  • Flexible EPA process
  • End-to-end workshops for Training Providers
  • Easy-to-follow Apprenticeship and EPA toolkits to guide users and provide clarity for the assessments and journey to completion
  • Ongoing support throughout the process from our dedicated Engagement Team
  • Quality resources to download


With ABET, the End Point Assessment (EPA) process is easy to follow and enables providers, employers and apprentices to be fully equipped throughout the journey.

Step 1: Getting Started

Training providers and employers ensure apprentices are signed up for the right apprenticeship programme and all parties understand their roles and responsibilities right from the beginning.

Step 2: Get familiarised with the Standards

With the help of assessment plan, every apprentice needs to understand what the programme entails.  Each Apprenticeship Standard and comes with its own Assessment Plan which outlines how it is assessed against the standard

Step 3: Evidence Gathering

Training provider will support the apprentices to gather required evidence through the course of the training. Apprentice will need to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and behaviours using a number of formats, including written or recorded statements and observations, reports, presentations, appraisals and feedback.

Step 4: EPA Ready

After gathering all the required evidence, the employer or and the training provider, will need to decide whether the apprentice is ready to proceed to the proper end point assessment. The readiness process may include conducting mock EPA for the apprentices.

Step 5: The EPA - Assessment

The End Point Assessment is the final milestone for apprentices. It examines their ability to demonstrate the knowledge, skills and behaviours through a range of assessment methods including professional discussion, multiple choice test, observation etc.

Step 6: Certification

Once the apprentice successfully gone through the EPA, a certificate is processed and this marks the end of the apprenticeship journey for the learner.


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